Associated Press – Alabama Tourism on Rise 5 Years After BP Spill

Tourism has rebounded on the Gulf Coast five years after the BP oil spill despite worries the environmental disaster would scare away visitors for good.


Associated Press – Conjoined Twins Separated After 26 Hour Surgery

After an intensive surgery, 10-month old conjoined twins Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith Mata were separated by a surgical team at Texas Children’s Hospital. Doctors are optimistic the twin girls will survive.





Associated Press – AP Exclusive – Friends Say They Pushed UVA Student to Call Cops

Friends of an alleged victim of gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity are stepping forward with their side of the story after a Rolling Stone article that first reported the incident is questioned for its accuracy. (Dec. 14)

Associated Press – Original Story Pitch – Selfie’s Take Flight with Drone Technology

Selfies capture a given moment in time unlike any other. Now thanks to drones, popular culture’s latest phenomenon is reaching new heights. But some say the selfie obsession is already going too far. (March 24)

Associated Press – Ringling Bros. AP Exclusive

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is ending its iconic elephant acts. The circus’ parent company, Feld Entertainment, told the AP exclusively that the acts will be phased out by 2018 over growing public concern about the animals. (March 5)

UChic Diploma Diaries: The Freelancing Life

Marking almost a year of my anniversary of my first-time employment, never did I foresee myself being so satisfied with my career and future outlooks as a freelancer. Freelancing, in my rose-colored glasses, meant pennies for paychecks, no benefits and glorified intern status. But I am living proof that freelancing in any career offers incredible experience and profound freedom to explore your greatest talents. Freelancing-Websites

Dealing With Mental Illness in College

Unfortunately, college is a breeding ground for feelings of anxiety, homesick and depression as students begin their initial adjustments to a new environment. But as you begin to settle in, feeling “crazed” starts to become blurred as buzzwords like bipolar, autism or attention deficit are easily misconstrued as death sentences. While college can act as an agitator for daily stresses, it also has become one of the best outlets for initial diagnosis and treatment for mental illness




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