UChic Diploma Diaries: The Freelancing Life

Marking almost a year of my anniversary of my first-time employment, never did I foresee myself being so satisfied with my career and future outlooks as a freelancer. Freelancing, in my rose-colored glasses, meant pennies for paychecks, no benefits and glorified intern status. But I am living proof that freelancing in any career offers incredible experience and profound freedom to explore your greatest talents. Freelancing-Websites

Dealing With Mental Illness in College

Unfortunately, college is a breeding ground for feelings of anxiety, homesick and depression as students begin their initial adjustments to a new environment. But as you begin to settle in, feeling “crazed” starts to become blurred as buzzwords like bipolar, autism or attention deficit are easily misconstrued as death sentences. While college can act as an agitator for daily stresses, it also has become one of the best outlets for initial diagnosis and treatment for mental illness



Diploma Diaries: 4 Unexpected Ways to Find Your Path After College


If you’re like me and have been planning your next move since high school, the idea of having to face the unknown is perhaps the most terrifying thing you can imagine.

But as someone who over plans for everything down to tomorrow’s lunch, I’m here to tell you to that it’s the unexpected events and choices you make that help you truly find your path after college. Here are four unexpected ways to finding yours,

How to Land Your Dream Job After Graduation

You’ve passed the tests, made the grade and even got a shiny new diploma to show for it. But what about that validating job? Perhaps the biggest shock of post-grad life is the question of “what’s next?” Here are a few tips to keep the inquisitive at bay and your fellow classmates envious of that amazing job you landed. dream-jobs

Dealing With National Tragedies as a College Student

So many tragedies have impacted my ability to grow as a mature human being but also develop my ability to reflect, grieve and remember, which is something that is so critical to today’s student population. sandyhookflakes

Modern Career Girl – Negotiate Your Way to a Better Salary

SALRYWhen you’re about to start your first job out of college (or any job, for that matter), having “the talk” with your soon-to-be employer can and will be awkward. Remember that negotiating your salary should be a mutual ground between you and your boss—not a day at the auction house. With these five tips, you will be well on your way to a stable paycheck!

UChic Approved: ‘The Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack Review

GATThis year’s highly anticipated film is perhaps on par with its score and subsequent soundtrack. Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary classic, “The Great Gatsby,” is proving far beyond its shock factor by boasting a star-studded cast and an even more powerful soundtrack


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